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62322 75 mm Heavy Bowl and Gripper Jaws

62322 75 mm Heavy Bowl and Gripper Jaws

These new jaws are ideal for heavy bowls and vases. The wide front face provides a good register for the base of the bowl or vase and the deep toothed body provides strong grip on the spigot. The internal gripper can also be used on smaller rough green timber. Also featuring an external dovetail in expansion, they can be used for large platters. A truly versatile and solid jaw set.

Expansion: 81 - 102 mm
Contraction Spigot: 46 - 65 mm
Contraction Square: 33 - 54 mm

62322 Sequence with Imperial from Record Power on Vimeo.

62322- Watch the Video
62322- Watch the Video
SC Series Chuck Jaws Manual 3.1

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